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The integral element of the state system of a social security is the social servicing for elderly and disabled people. This servicing include different kinds of social services aimed at satisfying special needs of the given category of people. Currently, the authorities make everything possible to create the complex system of a social servicing for people.

The social security represents the activity of social services on the social support, provision of the social-domestic, social-medical, psycho-pedagogical, social-legal services and financial support, social adaptation and rehabilitation for people who are in a difficult life situation.

Laurence Kotlikoff from the PBS.org resource conducted the interview with authorized bodies concerning the benefits for disabled and how is it possible to increase them.

How to Maximize Social Security If Disabled and Other SS Questions

Larry Kotlikoff’s Social Security original 34 “secrets”, his additional
secrets, his Social Security “mistakes” and his Social Security
gotchas have prompted so many of you to write in that we now feature “Ask Larry” every week.

We are determined to continue it until the queries stop or we
run through the particular problems of all 78 million Baby Boomers, whichever comes
first. Kotlikoff’s state-of-the-art retirement software is available, for free, in its “basic” version. His considerable and often very useful output is available on his website.

Paul Solman — Boston, Mass.: Dear Larry, you told me recently about the nuances of disability benefits. A lot of questions on this page come from people on SSDI — Social Security Disability Insurance. Furthermore, as I was amazed to discover when responding to a question about the minimum wage reducing the welfare rolls, some 14 million Americans depend on disability payments from SS, which dwarfs the 4.3 million getting welfare checks.

Would you please share your discoveries about details of disability benefits that may escape notice? Continue reading here…

The social services for elderly and disabled people are implemented after a population social security body’s decision in their subordinate institutions or in accordance with contracts, that are made between social security bodies with institutions of social servicing of other types of ownership.

However, disabled people continue to struggle financially. Martha C. White from the NBCnews.com portal showed in her article the difficult life of disabled people on the example of Alan Choy.

Disabled Recipients of Social Security Fund Face Hefty Benefits Cut

Congressional gridlock is threatening the already thin lifeline of Social Security benefits that nearly 9 million disabled American workers rely on to feed, clothe and shelter their families.

Known as SSDI, the trust fund is one of two administered by the Social Security Administration (the other is for senior citizens), and its reserves will run dry in late 2016, if lawmakers don’t act sooner to shore them up. But the timing is poor; it falls in an election year and experts say it could become a target for political infighting as Americans gear up to go to the polls.

“I think it’ll probably come down to the wire,” said Mark Duggan, a professor of business economics and public policy at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Continue reading here…

The next video demonstrates what NOT to do when registering the social security disability.

When you are experiencing the situation if you need social security disability, apply for the help of professional social security attorney to be sure that everything does well.

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