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Advertising Blimps Work for Tire Companies and Plumbers

Advertising Blimps Work for Tire Companies and Plumbers

Every business or company’s dream is to see their products selling. Advertising is the main method of putting products out there in the market. Advertising increases the products’ visibility and creates a good rapport for growing business profits.

There are many ways of advertising products, using blimps is one of those ways. The use of blimps in advertising is a relatively recent but rapidly growing phenomenon. The use of these dirigible airships has had a radical effect on the advertising market. There are many appeals to using blimps as opposed to using more traditional advertising methods like mail and mass media.

The reasons why these dirigible airships have grown to become such effective mediums of advertising are many and multi-faceted. Blimps are some of the most versatile mediums of relaying messages. Such a big hot-air airship hovering across the skies is an attractive sight for people on the ground. The messages can be visible for miles and cover a wide area. These airships have been used to perform regional, national and international campaigns for a large amount of marketing activities. Goodyear for instance, has been able to use their airships for decades in various fields like aerial broadcast, covering events and advertising among others.

Having been on the airship-making industry for such a long time, Goodyear has been instrumental in shaping the past and future of the hot-air balloons as a means of advertising. It has produced iconic blimps over the years and increased the appeal of the blimp concept to the public. These airships have been used in the past to create awareness of the Goodyear product as well as create a lasting presence for the idea. The effectiveness of using blimps by companies like Goodyear has been seen from the remarkably long operation of the airships, which has made them them popular over the years.

Among the many additional benefits of using the dirigible airships for advertising is the affordability associated with them as a medium of advertising. Mainstream media advertising, like the use of billboards and commercials is no doubt a costly affair. Compared with these types of advertising, blimps that use hot air present a viable alternative that is not just cost-effective but also more compelling in general. These airships are not just an attractive sight in the sky, they draw attention to what is written on them.

Aerial advertising is way less intrusive compared to commercials. While the mass media has been considered as the most effective form of advertising, it has over time become a nuisance with the demand saturating the airwaves and evoking disapproval from media consumers. Research has shown that blimps are more favorable in this regard.


With the prevailing benefits, blimps can be used not only for brand advertising but for other businesses including plumbing. Businesses like a licensed plumber can highly benefit from aerial advertising. By selling plumbing specific products and services using blimps, the effectiveness of the ads can be increased remarkably. Plumbing and related businesses have a chance at a new niche from airship advertising. This is mainly considering that most of these services are have not fully utilized this window and there is a high curve of growth.

Stacy Black

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