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learn why we love cars and races

It is common knowledge the fact that love cars and everything connected to them. As a rule, most of the cars’ lovers are men but that doesn’t mean women are totally indifferent when it comes to cars; they also like cars but they won’t kill for them.

We like cars because we like competitions. Therefore, we also like races and racing cars.

Andrew Tai, CEO, Unhaggle, in an article posted on Huffington post tells us why we love sports cars

Why Do We Love Sports Cars So Much?

What is it about sports cars that we love so much? After all, they are nowhere near as large as pickup trucks or as accommodating to their passengers as crossovers, and yet we still cling to them as if they were built by gods. Find out more

The above article deals with our love for sports cars but we don’t love only those one. We practically love all sorts of cars and every car has its own fans.

Michaels Motorcars publishes an article that deals with our love for cars. They don’t talk about sports cars but of ordinary, even used cars. Here;s what they say:


Michael’s Motorcars Inc has the inventory you need when you are looking for something unique. We sell everything. If it has four wheels and a motor, then it has probably been through our lot. At Michael’s Motorcars Inc, you can expect to find cars, trucks, and SUVs from all the major manufacturers.

We have common everyday drivers, and we have Italian exotics that are anything but common. You can expect to find everything from reliable diesels to affordable luxury cars here every day, and we always provide our vehicles at a great price. Read more …

For those who are visual learners and want to know more about our love for cars, the following video is very interesting

As a conclusion, we can say we love cars because we like the sense of freedom we get when driving a car or taking part in a race. We ger the same feeling after cycling or running while wearing some light up shoes

Tire Buyers and Retailers Love Cherries As Much As We Do

ionox cherry pitterMost of us have to drive our cars every day, or at least several days a week, and we need to keep our tires in excellent condition if we’re going to go safely to and from our important destinations. This is one aspect of our lives that we have to take seriously to avoid ending up in an accident and potentially hurting ourselves.

The same holds true for our health. Tire buyers and retailers are ready to take hold of their health by eating cherries on a regular basis. This antioxidant-filled fruit is just one of nature’s amazing gifts. Cherries keep us in great health if we eat them on a regular basis, and they fuel our body with their high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

But there’s an unfortunate truth when it comes to cherries: those pesky pits. The easiest way to get rid of these pits is to use a cherry stoner. A cherry stoner, or Cherry pitter, is the perfect tool to remove unwanted cherry pits from your life once and for all.

As a tire buyer and retailer, you can appreciate the value of high quality equipment. When you have the best cherry pit remover available to you, you know as well as we do that you have something special that you need to cherish.

Are you starting to see the value of eating cherries on a regular basis? We have some wonderful cherry recipes ideas that we’d like to share with you today. Take a look at them and see if anything interests you.


Cherry Recipes

At the time of this writing, we have two fantastic cherry recipes that we know everybody will enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tire buyer or retailer, because these recipes for cherries are simply out of this world.

Our two favorite recipes include:

  • Cherry compote with goat cheese – believe me when I tell you that this cherry recipe is certainly off the charts. It’s always best to use fresh cherries when using a recipe like this, so make sure you buy fresh ones and use a cherry stoner to get rid of all of the pits. A top-quality cherry seed remover is always the right choice. Cook 1 pound of cherries in a skillet, and combine with balsamic vinegar, thyme, and light brown sugar. This simple dish is delectable and incredibly healthy for you.
  • Black Forest Trifle – this trifle is an incredibly delicious dessert that contains fresh cherries. To get rid of the cherry pits, always remove cherry pits using a cherry stoner. Since this low-calorie dessert is also low in sugar, it’s the best choice for those struggling with diabetes.

At the end of the day, cherries are perfect for tire buyers and retailers, especially those who are concerned with their health. Our favorite cherry pit remover is the Ionox Cherry Pitters. We recommend that you pick it up today to make your healthy habits even easier.

Tire Enthusiasts No Longer Need to Suffer from Physical Pain



Are you a Barre tire enthusiast? If so, you probably love cars and motor vehicles of all types. You daydream about being behind the wheel while spending time in the office wasting away behind your desk in a chair. Maybe you drive for a living and need the best available tires possible to make those long road trips safe and sound.

As a Barre tire expert, you probably suffer from a great deal of pain in your personal life. This is especially true as we get older and our bodies no longer seem to work the way that they once did. We tend to experience pain on a greater level as we get older and start suffering from conditions like knee pain, sciatica, multiple sclerosis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, back discomfort, foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

The important thing to know is that a TENS unit, along with the best TENS unit pads, can help alleviate your pains, aches and suffering. Long gone are the days when we have to sit there and suffer in silence. It’s no longer necessary to cloud your mind with pain diminishing medication in order to experience a measure of relief.


Why Use a TENS Unit with Syrtenty 2″ Square TENS Unit Electrodes ?

As previously mentioned, tire lovers of all kinds suffer from needless pain on a regular basis. If they were to use the best electrodes for their TENS units, and take advantage of the pain reducing nerve stimulating that this type of unit has to offer, they would know that Syrtenty pads for TENS units are truly the best available on the market today.

How do we know that these replacement pads for TENS unit are the best? We know because we have tested Syrtenty TENS electrode pads. Also, we have read countless online reviews and testimonials written by previous customers. Many of customers had lots of wonderful things to say. Some of our favorite reasons for loving these TENS unit electrode pads include:

  • they are TENS unit pads that are not flimsy or made of cheap material
  • these individually packaged electrodes provide their own lot number and expiration date
  • the TENS pads are made of cloth instead of foam, which is a lot more comfortable for the user than other pads
  • Syrtenty provides top-quality customer service to all of its customers and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with your overall experience
  • incredibly low-priced TENS unit pads are affordable
  • easy-to-use pads that you can use more than once

As it is plain to see, everyone into Barre tires should know that they no longer need to needlessly suffer from inordinate amounts of pain. Many of you want to drive and do not want to take medication that will dull your senses because of the discomfort that you feel. By using a TENS machine, you get to eliminate your pain without the need for powerful medication.

Do not hesitate to pick up Syrtenty 2″ square TENS unit replacement pads at your earliest convenience.

Stand-Up Comedy Still Has A Lot of Tread Left On Those Tires

How To Use Comedy Routines While Selling Tires


You have tried the consultative sales approach.  You have tried high pressure sales, but have you ever tried building rapport through comedy?  Now if you are not an expert joke teller, that is fine. You can learn a lot simply from watching stand-up comedy on TV, but to really get the nuances of telling jokes, you need to see it live.

Business Goals through Comedy

Here are some tips to help you succeed

You are selling different types and brands of types to a lot of people within your own vicinity and locality. To achieve success you need to do the following:


  1. Make a corporate event for your tire business. This corporate event will be going to be done so that you can invite your workers, business friends and corporate clients. Why hire a comedian? Well, the main answer lies on the fact that having fun is a way to provide certain benefits for your tire store. You should keep in mind that not all comedians have “clean comedy acts”. You should search for Hire A Clean Comedians or Hire A Christian Comedian if you are looking for more socially acceptable punchlines.


Fun and laughter are two interrelated things. Fun and laughter can make uncertain things certain. Fun and laughter can make blurry things clear. So, if you will ask someone to provide comical presentations, your business workers and clients will enjoy. In the end you will reap financial profits.


  1. Make actionable plans for your business. The actionable plans can be related to the steps and procedures you’ll be doing in order to attain success. These plans must be doable, feasible and achievable. Otherwise, your working people will tend to be confused on how to execute the marketing plans and programs.


  1. Hire brilliant and industrious people. You need to do this. You need competence in terms of technical know-how and acquired skills. You have to be very determine in finding industrious people for you to become very successful in your tire store. You can sell a lot of tires weekly and monthly, if the working people under your umbrella are definitely brilliant and industrious.


The given 3 strategies are just points in a nutshell. You have to be very precise in all your dealings. You have to see to it that your people are always relaxed and calm. This is the reason again why hiring a comedian for your planned corporate event can make your business more profitable. There is always a time needed for joy and happiness.


Your tire store will truly hit the intended sales monthly and yearly if you are audacious enough to face the challenges attached to its operation. The main emphasis is that your people who are working for you should be taken good care of, too. That’s why you have to provide good financial benefits to them. They can work great for your business if they always feel that they are being taken good care of. Otherwise, they will show rebelling actions and lousiness.


In the end, comedy has a lot of beneficial things to contribute positively to your tire business.

Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean For A Faster Ride

man who needs garcinia cambogia can't fit in carWith all the talk around these parts about vehicles, tires and driving in general, there’s one aspect of driving performance that just seems to get thoroughly neglected by auto enthusiasts like it is a taboo subject. Today, we’ll be talking about why being thin and healthy will make you a superior driver to people who don’t diet correctly.

What this really means is that if you have put money and time into improving your vehicle through high-quality aftermarket parts, you might want to start considering losing weight or getting fit. You don’t necessarily need to build much muscle, though, since the most important thing here is that you yourself are light enough to have a minimal impact on the handling of your car. Whether or not you are convinced being overweight has a negative impact on your driving is irrelevant – this isn’t a matter of opinion but one of cold, hard facts. Any additional weight in the vehicle will make it acceleration, brake and turn slower than normal since it needs to work that much harder for the extra mass to change directions or speed.

Hearing this might be disheartening to some of you considering that many Americans feel like they are losing much of their free time. And, if you already have a car hobby, that leaves even less time to spend working out every week. If you feel like this is the boat you’re in, there is a good way to lose weight that doesn’t require a lot of time (and, no, we’re not going to tell you to go vegetarian). In fact, all you really need to do is add garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean to your daily diet and kind of just watch your love handles disappear over the course of a few weeks.

The combination of green coffee bean and garcinia cambogia works to practically melt away your body fat. Celebs along the lines of Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears use the stuff when they start gaining weight and (whether or not you like them as celebrities doesn’t matter here because) you can actually see huge differences in their bodies from week to week as they use it. Finding those two ingredients together isn’t difficult, either, as there are a handful of different ways you can take them together, including drink mixes, chewable snacks and more.

It might not be the perfect solution to shaving seconds off of your personal lap record, but losing weight to drive better is sound science. Best of all, by having your car carry less weight, it and its individual parts will last longer since they will be facing less physical stress over long periods of time. That being said, taking garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean together might just end up being the best thing that ever happened to you and your car.

Have some other tips on losing weight without having time to work out? We would love to hear your honest thoughts in the comments below!