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The Importance of Checking the HVAC System of a Used Car

When buying a used car, there are a lot of important factors you must consider. Purchasing a used car you’ll save a lot of money, but you must carefully choose before making the final decision. Many used car sellers often try to hide the cars “imperfections”, from rust spots and scratches to gas mileage and bad tires and brakes. Besides considering factors like gas mileage, model and date of manufacture, a very important factor is also the cars heating and cooling system. Buyers of used cars often overlook this area which later results in spending a lot more money than planned. Every car needs proper air conditioning maintenance. If the car doesn’t get the needed maintenance, it could lead to costly repairs or even the need of getting a completely new A/C system. So, it’s essential to check this area before the actual purchase! In this article we’ll review the parts of the cars heating and cooling system and help you catch sight of some common problems of its individual parts.


One of the most important parts of your cars heating cooling system is the radiator. This is a supreme heating and cooling mechanism that prevents and protects your car from overheating. It’s usually found in the front of the car, typically located under the grill. Before the purchase, you must check the fluid in the radiator. It needs to have a lot of coolant and mustn’t look dense, odd or rusty. The important part of radiator is the radiator cap which is always highly pressurized. Be sure to remove it carefully because the whole area is usually very hot because of the engine. The cap mustn’t be broken or have any cracks or odd scratches. Also be sure to check the radiator hoses. Every car automobile must have two hoses, the upper and the lower part. This is usually the area where the problem is located, since the hoses are very delicate and are prone to damage. The hose mustn’t be soft or spongy. That’s the indication that something is wrong. You can easily check this by squeezing them. They should be firm and solid. Also make sure there is no electrochemical damage which often occurs in that area, specifically near the clamps. The cooling part is also an important part for physical check. A working cooling system is crucial for protecting the engine from overheating. Since the majority of the newer models uses liquid cooling systems, check if the cars has enough antifreeze. Antifreeze not only prevents overheating but also assists in the protection of the car from corrosion.



If you have checked everything that’s listed and didn’t find a thing we discussed, you can safely purchase the car without any regrets. Don’t forget to regularly maintain your HVAC system after the purchase! If you don’t know where to find top quality A/C HVAC maintenance and repairing company, we warmly recommend you to try arundel heating and cooling maintenance services for all kind of your heating/cooling systems.

Post your tips in the comment section bellow and share your experience with us!

5 Great Garden Ideas For Your Old Tires

At Barre Tire we love anything that involves recycling and reusing. Especially when it comes to avoiding having to send unwanted tires to landfill or to the furnace.

So scrub down those old tires and grab a can of spray paint to create colourful, innovative and eye catching features for your garden. You may need to go to an arts and hobby shop or even and auto shop to get the best paint for spraying on rubber. If the tires are going to be in direct sunlight or in hotter climates you will need a good flame retardant spray.

Here are our top 5 ideas for reusing your old tires in your garden;

1. Raised Flower Beds and Planters
garden-ideas-tiresLay single tires and fill with soil to keep your flowers and plants elevated from the ground. If you are planning to use your raised flower beds as a part of a kitchen garden then you need to ensure that the rubber does not become too hot, so keep them in a cooler area that does not get prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

To create planters simply stack and secure a few tires on top of one another and fill with soil. This is a favourite trick of many landscape gardeners when doing a garden redesign on a budget.

2. Hanging Baskets
We love this idea. Hang one or more smaller tires vertically along a garden fence or side of a shed using a length of chain or rope. Fill the lower third of the tire with soil and set your hanging plants or flowers. Use bold colours, or contrasting colours if you are creating more than one to create a fun statement that the kids will love.

3. Kids Swing
Another idea that the kids will love! Hang the tires from a secure and suitably strong frame. There are two options – you can either hang the tire so that it hangs vertically or horizontally. Just make sure that the tires are adequately secured with rope or chains.

4. Sand Pit
Another one for the kids. Ideally use a large tractor tire to create a great container for a kids sandpit. Tires are sturdy and won’t lift or blow over in the wind link a lot of the plastic sand pits available. Consider partially sinking the tire and sandpit into the ground or creating a really fun kids play area by using 2 or 3 tires of different sizes and sunk at different levels

5. Garden Furniture
Pile a few tires on top of one another and secure them to each other. You can then transform them into seats or tables. There are endless options and lots of great ideas for recycling old tires.

And make sure to get the kids to help too. I’ll be a great way to educate them about recycling, hone their artistic skills and perhaps peak their interest in gardening at an early age.

See this video below for inspiration:

How Treadwear Impacts Your Tires

If you have started researching new tires, or recently purchased a set, you would have noticed the treadwear grade that is now found on most tires.  The treadwear rating or grade is simply a comparative tool that you can use to compare different models and styles of tires.  You will not be able to determine the mileage that a tire is good for, and to make things a bit more challenging, each manufacturer will use a different method in their claims of mileage, making it even more difficult to compare different brands of tires.

high performance car tire

One of the best guides that we have found on comparing tires is through Consumer Reports.  The guide brakes down the expected mileage of most of the all-season and the performance tires.  Each tire is tested using machinery that creates some rigorous treadwear and also puts exactly 1,000 miles a day on the tires.   The truck tires and car tires are tested for a matter of weeks and a total of 16,000 miles are put on each set.  The higher performance tires will be run through the same tests, but are only subjected to 12,000 miles.

A few of the interesting results were the impact had on the tires for misalignment, under-inflation as well as over inflation, and the wear on a properly maintained and aligned vehicle.  There is an obvious difference in wear on tires due to the inflation.  Having your tires over-inflated to 40 psi compared to the recommended 35 as an example, will cause the center of the tires to wear quicker and decrease the life of the tires.  Under-inflating the tires to a number of 30 will cause the outside of the tires or what is referred to as the “shoulder” to wear out quicker.

Misalignment And Tire Rotation

There is a reason that the mechanic suggests rotating your tires and checking the alignment after a certain amount of mileage.  If your vehicle is out of alignment, you will notice faster wear on what side of the tire. If you rotate your tires frequently, the wear will even out over time creating a longer last tire.  Higher performance tires also respond higher to misalignment as well since they are engineered and designed for a shorter life spam.

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