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Does Signage Increase Tire Sales?

Does Signage Increase Tire Sales?

Getting seen by potential customers is extremely important to inform people of what your company does, share your business’ unique selling proposition, and overall, increase brand awareness. Signage is a very useful and affordable way to get your business seen by many different people. If your business is located off of a main road, then signs on that big road will be noticed by more people than your store front. If you are located on a main road, then you can make good use of the property that you are already paying for with some great signs. Of course, signs aren’t the best solution for every business, but let’s consider whether or not signage will increase sales for a tire company.

outdoor signage for tire company


Best Types Of Exterior Signs

There are different types of signs, and each one will perform a different role. The first kind of sign that can help increase tire sales is a sign meant for branding your business. Branding includes your company’s colors, logo, fonts, and anything else associated with your brand. It is likely that your company already has a logo and other brand features. The first sign that you absolutely cannot go without is a sign on your storefront that lets people know who you are. This sign should include features from your company brand guide. How will all of this increase tire sales? When you are selling tires, you want consumers to think of you as “insert business name here,” the business that sells tires and cares enough about the business to put effort into its brand. This will ultimately help consumers trust you and think of you as a reliable and legitimate business.

Promotional And Sale Signs

The next type of sign you need to consider is a promotional sign. These can be displayed on or near your storefront or on a main road. Promotional signs serve to inform consumers about special discounts such as a Presidents Day sale on used tires or another limited time deal. According to Mark Frankel, owner of Speciality Signs Co in New York City, “these promotional signs are crucial for getting business because otherwise, how will people know about your special deals? Sure, you can share the information on your website, your social media accounts, etc., but then people who do not know about your business or who are not specifically looking for tires will be unaware of your sales”. Promotional signs will draw in people who could be considering tire purchases, but who need a good deal to commit.

Increased Brand Recognition

Now that you know about the two most important signs for a tire business, and you understand how these signs can help, it’s time to think about what to put on the signs. Each of your signs should obviously have the name of your business on them. In addition to that, you will also want to use other aspects from your brand guide in order to maintain consistency. You can change up the colors and fonts depending on the sign, but each sign should have your logo or use either your selected font or business colors. If you want an attention-grabbing sign, you can use bright colors, but use your chosen font and logo. If you want an informative sign, you can change up the font, but use your colors and logo.


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