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Flat Tire Leads To DUI Arrest

Flat Tire Leads To DUI Arrest

Having a flat tire can lead to more than some inconvenience on the side of the road as discovered by a New Haven, CT woman recently.  A parked car was noticed in a gas station in New Haven after 3am one morning and caused some suspicion of the Town of Orange Police department.

As the officer approached the vehicle, they found a flat tire as well as one of the wheels missing.  As the officers continued their investigation, they found that the owner was not only dealing with tire issues, but she also appeared to have vomit on her clothing.

The police department posted on their Facebook page that the “officers had the driver perform standardized roadside sobriety tests”.  What was later taken into custody that morning and was arrested and charged with a DUI on the 9th of January.

dui arrest

This is not the first time a broken down vehicle has caused suspicion or an arrest for driving while intoxicated, and will definitely not be the last. In many of these instances, impaired drivers will run into objects on the road causing damage to the tires and wheels.  In other instances, simply not having the required maintenance performed on the tires can cause breakdowns or blowouts with the tires.

It is however very interesting that the Town Of Orange Police Department chooses to publish all of their arrests on their Facebook page. It is similar to small town newspaper publications listing all of the arrests in the Police Blotter.  Consider the impact of computers and social media as a way for local communities to interact with local citizens without the need for traditional newspaper outlets.  The small town police department has more than 950 likes on their page, and in addition to publishing DUI arrests, the Police department also responds to inquiries within 24 hours for concerned citizens requesting information or thanking officers for their response to a particular matter.

Regardless of the reason that the tire on this vehicle became disabled on the cold January morning in Connecticut, it was the reason that a drunk driver was removed from the road.

Stacy Black