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Stand-Up Comedy Still Has A Lot of Tread Left On Those Tires

Stand-Up Comedy Still Has A Lot of Tread Left On Those Tires

How To Use Comedy Routines While Selling Tires


You have tried the consultative sales approach.  You have tried high pressure sales, but have you ever tried building rapport through comedy?  Now if you are not an expert joke teller, that is fine. You can learn a lot simply from watching stand-up comedy on TV, but to really get the nuances of telling jokes, you need to see it live.

Business Goals through Comedy

Here are some tips to help you succeed

You are selling different types and brands of types to a lot of people within your own vicinity and locality. To achieve success you need to do the following:


  1. Make a corporate event for your tire business. This corporate event will be going to be done so that you can invite your workers, business friends and corporate clients. Why hire a comedian? Well, the main answer lies on the fact that having fun is a way to provide certain benefits for your tire store. You should keep in mind that not all comedians have “clean comedy acts”. You should search for Hire A Clean Comedians or Hire A Christian Comedian if you are looking for more socially acceptable punchlines.


Fun and laughter are two interrelated things. Fun and laughter can make uncertain things certain. Fun and laughter can make blurry things clear. So, if you will ask someone to provide comical presentations, your business workers and clients will enjoy. In the end you will reap financial profits.


  1. Make actionable plans for your business. The actionable plans can be related to the steps and procedures you’ll be doing in order to attain success. These plans must be doable, feasible and achievable. Otherwise, your working people will tend to be confused on how to execute the marketing plans and programs.


  1. Hire brilliant and industrious people. You need to do this. You need competence in terms of technical know-how and acquired skills. You have to be very determine in finding industrious people for you to become very successful in your tire store. You can sell a lot of tires weekly and monthly, if the working people under your umbrella are definitely brilliant and industrious.


The given 3 strategies are just points in a nutshell. You have to be very precise in all your dealings. You have to see to it that your people are always relaxed and calm. This is the reason again why hiring a comedian for your planned corporate event can make your business more profitable. There is always a time needed for joy and happiness.


Your tire store will truly hit the intended sales monthly and yearly if you are audacious enough to face the challenges attached to its operation. The main emphasis is that your people who are working for you should be taken good care of, too. That’s why you have to provide good financial benefits to them. They can work great for your business if they always feel that they are being taken good care of. Otherwise, they will show rebelling actions and lousiness.


In the end, comedy has a lot of beneficial things to contribute positively to your tire business.

Stacy Black

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