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Michigan Is Making An Automotive And Creative Comeback

Michigan Is Making An Automotive And Creative Comeback

The Rise Of Detroit And Michigan’s Creative Forces

While most of the world is only looking at Michigan, and seeing Flint’s Water Crisis, there is a larger story that has been unfolding for the better part of 5 years now.

There are a number of companies and non profits like the Detroit Church featured in the above video who are all driving initiatives all over Michigan, and primarily in the hardest hit areas of the Big 3’s former footprint.  When factories closed down and labor could not be sustained, many businesses and commercial buildings as well as homes fell to ruin and decay.


Well Michigan residents are nothing if not resilient.  Back in Henry Ford’s Day, Detroit and Michigan were havens of art, prosperity and innovation. People came in droves driven by the $5.00 workday, and in search of the good life.  By the 1960’s Detroit had the highest per capita earnings in the country.  Detroit and Michigan were innovators and originators. We as residents of Michigan want to relive those glory days and not be the place where people run away from in some sort of brain drain, we want to be a place where people run to.

Companies like Belle Tire which is one of the largest tire sales companies in Michigan-was started in the Grand Rapids Area helped contribute to the resurgence of the economy in Michigan as well as huge capital investments by Quicken Loans in the Downtown Detroit area surrounding Comerica Park.

When you walk downtown Detroit now, you start to see and feel a little bit of that motown swagger.  With amazing creativity and innovation of cars in our blood, it is no wonder that we see fashion and state pride in Michigan coming to fruition with Michigan Clothing as well as musicians and films that are starting to express the pride and beauty of the Mitten State.

There has never been a better car to experience the scenic views of Michigan than the 2016 Corvette.  With the safety, steering and engineering capabilities that are available on that vehicle, life cannot get much better than cruising M22 in a convertible.

Michigan runs on innovation, it runs on the auto industry. It runs on anything that contributes to enjoying life, whether that be getting a new pair of snow tires on your 4X4 to make a ski trip up to Boyne Highlands or you are streaming your favorite tunes on a hot summer night- Michigan is made for innovators.



Stacy Black

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