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The Most Popular Tire Brands that Plumbing Companies Use on Their Work Trucks

The Most Popular Tire Brands that Plumbing Companies Use on Their Work Trucks

Plumber’s trucks are known for carrying heavy loads and traveling at least a few thousand miles per month, which means that they need to have the most durable tires fitted to them at all times. Below are a few examples of the most popular tire brands that are being seen on plumber’s work trucks at present.

Hankook, KumHo and Yokohama

Although these brands may be Korean and Japanese, they have become extremely popular over the years because these companies are dedicated to providing high quality tires at prices that plumbers can actually afford. In most cases, these three brands can be purchased for up to 33% cheaper than some of the other more popular brands – even though they are known to last just as long as more expensive tires when maintained properly.

Goodyear and Cooper

These are two of the most durable American made tire brands on the market, and as such, they are among the most popular tire brands that are seen on plumbers and other contractors work trucks. These can sometimes be a little more expensive than some of the imported brands, but their higher quality normally makes the difference in price well worth it. Other popular brands used on pickup trucks include Bridgestone, Firestone and BF Goodrich.

Choosing the Right Tires

When purchasing tires for plumbing company’s trucks, many people make the mistake of trying to use the cheapest possible options – which can sometimes have disastrous consequences. Contractors work trucks work just as hard as they do – if not harder in many cases, so it is essential to spend as much as can be afforded at the time when choosing tires. It is also not recommended that a brand of tires be purchased ‘because it was the cheapest option available, as some of the extremely cheap off-brand tires may not be as durable as the slightly more expensive ones.

Buying Tires Online vs. In-Store

While it can be extremely convenient to purchase tires online, this may not always be the best option for plumbers – especially if they are purchasing a different brand for the first time. In cases where different tire brands are being purchased, it may be better to perform the transaction in person so that the tires can be physically inspected before being fitted to a work truck. Many tire stores will levy an additional surcharge to fit tires that have been purchased online as well, so any savings that may have been enjoyed could very well end up being lost after the installation fees have been paid.

A great way to ensure that plumbers get the best possible tire brands fitted to their work trucks is to ask around for recommendations. Many other contractors will be happy to share their experiences with the various brands or even tire shops they have used in the past. Keeping tires inflated to the recommended pressure and/or using nitrogen as the filler will help ensure that plumbers are able to get as much use as possible from them.

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