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Is IT support real stuff for you?

Is IT support real stuff for you?

When we are talking about working in IT most of the people, instantly think that all about that job is keeping customers standing near their phone and waiting, they don’t realize it is much more complicated work. So if you have the ambition to become one of its group. Here are some hints you need to know.


Your job as an IT support staff will be based on:

-installing and fixing computer hardware operating systems and apps

-watching and keeping computer systems and networks safe and secured

-signing up new users’ accounts and profiles and solving password problems

-testing and evaluating new technology

-providing support, which includes documentation and relevant reports

-logging customer and employee questions


downloadNot everyone can do this job.If you want to have a role in this kind of job you must fulfill some of these required things which are listed below:

you must have good GCSE(General Certificate of Secondary Education) grades in English, science, maths or IT

(If you already work as IT support you can improve yourself in this job with these following suggestions)


*BTEC (Edexcel) National Certificate and Diploma IT Practitioners

*City & Guilds (E-Quals) IT Practitioners Certificate and Advanced Diploma

*OCR (iPRO) Certificate for IT Practitioners.

(If you already work as IT support you can improve yourself in this job with these following suggestions)


For this job, it’s really necessary to be a great logical thinker so that you can easily provide assistance to your customer.

You need to be very communicative and interpersonal person, because if you’re not everything falls, also you must always keep up with new technology because technology changes rapidly in very short time.Continuing professional development (CPD) is very important.

When customers have a problem, it’s good if you know how to explain easily about merchandise.

Part-time or temporary work in a relevant area it can also be good for you. The experience of customer service roles will give you an advantage for this job as it will show that you have the desired communications and people skills.


Not only you are going to work at the desk but also you are going to go out on a field dealing with a customer face to face so you got to chose more carefully in which company you will sign up for the job.


You may be wondering how much time and shifts you will have in this job?

It depends on what kind of IT job is assigned to you.If you’re solving customer problems, you’re probably going to be working shifts on a helpdesk. If you’re helping employees, then normal office hours generally apply, and you will face pressure to do more


And finally, the most satisfying about this job is salary which is probably the most questionable thing.

A solid starting salary for IT support staff ranges from $18k to $23k. As an IT support with 10 to 15 years of experience, you could have salary up to $50k.

So if you are the person who fulfills all of the requirements don’t hesitate to apply for this job.


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