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Do you want to become a bounty hunter?

Do you want to become a bounty hunter?

     Have you ever thought about becoming a bounty hunter. If you have and, perhaps, still do, then we will try to help you understand some of the basics of this particular profession. Many people consider this profession rather exciting, but also somewhat dangerous. But, it is also not a secret that it is a high paying job. Bounty hunters are also known as bail reinforcement agents or fugitive recovery agents. Their job involves tracking down the fugitives who are on the run from justice or people who fail to show before the court or hearing dates. You can do this job on a permanent basis, but the more popular option is to work it part time.

   The profession of bounty hunting can prove quite dangerous and difficult if you lack the necessary training, skills and the knowledge of the job itself. However, you should have one thing in mind. If you have a fear of dangerous, violent criminals, that is preventing you from starting a career of a bounty hunter, rest easy, because there is actually nothing to be worry about. It is a known fact, that the majority of dangerous criminals usually do not get bail; therefore there are very slim chances you will actually encounter such criminals. Also, a large number of fugitives don’t even try to resist arrest, some will put up mild resistance, but in the end they all simply give up without a fight.


  Before you actually become a part time bail enforcement agent, there are some things you should know. For starters, it is usually recommended to use the internet and go online, simply because there is a wide selection of bounty hunter courses and programs online. Now, we will try to get you acquainted with the basic skills and features of this profession. The most important ones are

 -Bail enforcement law

 – Police Dispatch Call Centers

 -Powers of arrest


-State laws that affect bond forfeiture and bail bonds

   These are just the basics you can learn in your spare time. Additionally, you are unable to become a bounty hunter unless you have a required proper license. Another important aspect of becoming an effective bounty hunter is the knowledge of what weapons to use, and more importantly, how to use them. You cannot just simply buy a gun, load it up and go trigger happy. In the worst case scenario, you will need the fugitives incapacitated, not dead. You will have to get proficient with the weapons you are licensed to use and which are commonly used by other bounty hunters. Another important thing is that you train yourself in various self-defense techniques. These will come extremely handy, in case your gun jams or you end up without ammo. It is also very important to work, at least in the beginning, with an experienced bail enforcement agent. The most common mistake that rookie bounty hunters make is that they think they know everything. You can and will receive the necessary skills and knowledge through various courses and programs, but in the end, it is all worthless without actual field experience.


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